Saturday, February 18, 2017

Venus at Dusk

My guess is that many of you have seen that brilliant "star" hanging in the western sky at dusk.  There is something soul satisfying about that brilliant diamond in the deep blue sky.  It is not a star, but rather the planet Venus.  In the next thirty days, each day it will be lower and lower in the sky, until it sets with the Sun, and we will be unable to see it.  It will be too close to the Sun for the next three months, and then Venus will rise at dawn, before the Sun in early May, once again as brilliant as a diamond.  Such magnificent clockwork is our Solar System.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Architecture and Light

I went to Roosevelt Field today to go to the Apple store, and to do a bit of shopping.  When I left, it was late in the afternoon, and this outside wall of the new Neiman Marcus store was illuminated by the sunlight from the west.  I had noticed the unusual pattern of gray rectangles, but had never seen it illuminated this way.  So I stopped and had some fun.  It really is a striking scene!  I discovered that  Elkus Manfredi Architects was the design architect.  Then I went and did a bit more exploring.  This is the same wall construction, just around the corner, but with blue skylight glancing off it.  Quite a change.  Please click on these to see them in more detail.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Night Comes to Fun City

I still have leftovers from my last trip to the city.  A day or two after that trip, we had the snow, so I had lots of snow photographs to post.  So now I am bored with snow, and it is less interesting now that it is old, dirty snow on overcast days.  So I decided to find an interesting leftover photo.  The city is absolutely magical at dawn and dusk - this photograph is from the end of the day as I finished my walk down Fifth avenue.  Note the term "Fun City" in the headline  I remember that was a marketing term for advertisements, and I think it made its debut during the term of Mayor John Lindsay.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Abstract Expressionist Art

I have decided to have a try at abstract expressionist art.  How do you like it?  I am actually bummed about this.  What you are looking at is a close-up photograph of mold and mildew on some of my beautiful 4-ply Bristol mat board which I use when framing my photographs.  This stuff is expensive and it is a shame to waste any of it.  We had some water come into the basement from a burst garden hose outside.  It was only an inch of water in parts of the cellar.  I thought I dried everything out, but I obviously missed this area.  This happened 8 months ago, and look what has been growing on the board ever since.  Bummer.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No Trespassing

"No Trespassing."  Man oh man, I hate to see that sign!  The signs are always on places I want to get into, like abandoned buildings.  Not that I pay attention to them.  I went out to an abandoned mental hospital a few years ago, with a younger friend who was a photographer, and we wanted to get into the abandoned power plant.  So we found some wooden pallets and stacked a couple of them up against a fence like a ladder so we could get over the top and inside!  We got some nice photographs.  So here is this sign, at the end of my street, but I couldn't figure out how to get in to the property!  I mean the gate is locked, and there was nothing I could use to climb over it!  So I gave up in frustration and walked away.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ice With Everything

We have had such a mild winter, I hate to complain.  But as soon as February came along, things got nasty.  We had the 10" snowfall, but what was bad was the way the temperatures changed.  It was really slippery underneath the snow.  Then just the other day, we had freezing rain falling.  Never a good thing - that's the stuff that, if enough ice accumulates, down comes branches and wires.  Fortunately there was only a light coating, and once again, here is one of the branches of my favorite tree.
Anonymous: OK, so this is really interesting!  Anonymous posted and asked if I was wearing a hat, because they mentioned that water drops can act like a lens and either create an image of something behind the water drop, or perhaps create a reflection of something in front of the water drop, like the photographer.  I have seen the lensing effect of objects behind the lens many times before, but never the reflecting effect.  In any case, I went back to the original image, and enlarged and cropped it, to see what I would find.  Turns out that since the water drops are frozen, they make poor lenses.  But here is what the frozen lens imaged from behind the lens.  Fascinating! Thanks for the suggestion!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

25 & 50 Years of Marriage

We had an interesting day today.  The church had a special Mass for couples who have been married for twenty-five and fifty years.  The ceremony was lovely, and we all stood on the altar and as a group, renewed our marriage vows.  Then there was a reception at the parish hall, with lunch and cake and photographs. Of course I had to take a quick photograph of all of us on the altar, but it's not a selfie, so I am not in it!  Oh, us?  We were in the fifty year group!  How amazing is that!