Saturday, April 18, 2015

How to Photograph Jupiter

I went to the Northeast Astronomy Forum today, in Rockland County.  It is a two-day yearly gathering with every piece of astronomy hardware you could possible imagine, and wonderful speakers on all kinds of astronomy topics.  This is Christopher Go, who flew here all the way from the Philippines.  He is one of the very best amateur planetary imagers on the planet!  He gave a great talk explaining how he does it, in case any of us want to try it.  Look at that magnificent image of Jupiter just over his shoulder!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Presbyterian Church

There is going to be an exhibit of photographs, drawings, paintings, and performance art, all having to do with the power plant demolition.  I went to the venue the other day, because I will not be around for the exhibit.  I did get to hang three of my photographs, and then I looked around this parish hall where the exhibit will be held.  I spotted this scene in one corner of the hall, and thought it was a lovely tableau.  Is this perfect, or what?  The tiny chair hanging from the wall is what makes this a photograph.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Detail in Nature

We were cleaning out the gardens, because we didn't clean them last fall.  I saw this plant with delicate silver branches sticking up from it.  All the dead branches needed to be trimmed.  I was taken by the beautiful silver gray color.  Then I was aware of the delicacy of their branches.  I clipped a branch, and did a little studio set up outdoors.  I fastened the brach to a light stand to hold it, and got a black background to better show the overall shape of the plant.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Skeleton

There are almost no bricks at all left on the remaining steel structure of the power plant.  I was up on the hill looking down, and it is an interesting view of what remains.  Here is my dilemma:  I will be leaving for Tucson at the start of next week, and I am so afraid that the last of the structure will come down while I am gone!  Oh No!  Nothing I can do about it - it would just be nice to be here as the last remains of the plant are removed

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Kitty Contemplates Her Day

When morning comes, kitty is there in the bedroom.  Then she follows us into the bathroom.  Then she sits at the top of the stairs, I am guessing while she is contemplating what her day will be like.  Of course I have no idea what she is thinking.  Or maybe she is just waiting for us to go downstairs, where she will be fed.  Yeah, that's probably it.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The End of the Line

It is near the end of the line for Radio Shack, sad to say.  The company had about 4,300 stores in the United States, and about 1,800 are slated to close.  This is confusing but they have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and there is some deal where Sprint will be involved with a number of the stores where they will be co-branded with the Sprint name.  At least for a while.  I am sad to see them go, even though I didn't shop there all that much.  But I have bought so many electronic components for building things for my amateur radio hobby over the years.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jupiter and the Beehive

With all this blue sky and sunshine, and a waning moon, I decided to drive an hour and a half out to Southold to Custer Institute to do some observing.  It was a beautiful night, but it was a bit cold, and there was a wind blowing.  I looked at some galaxies, and star clusters, and the planets Venus and Jupiter.  Then I decided to do some photography of the stars.  I tried a few things, but this picture was the most interesting.  It is a photograph of the planet Jupiter, and down and to the right is the huge open cluster of stars, called The Beehive cluster.  It is so bright that it has been known of since ancient times.  It is a beautiful thing to see.