Saturday, December 4, 2021


I saw this car on Sea Cliff avenue which is the main street.  Why would someone do this to their car?  I wonder if they have every been stopped by the police because of limited visibility.  I want to be able to look in the rear view mirror and see as much as I can behind me.  That's not going to happen here with stickers all around the rear window.  And the two side windows behind the driver are completely blocked.  I guess the owner wants to call attention to themselves.  Gee, what does this do to the resale value?  Not my cup of tea, thanks.


Friday, December 3, 2021

Catching Up IV

What a relief!  When I woke this morning Blogspot fixed whatever the problem was trying to import photographs, and now I can post the photographs and write the blog.  Whew!  So when Liz was here and we were doing the "treasure hunting" which is actually called "Letter Boxing" we went to the Garvies Point Museum and Preserve on one of our stops.  The Museum is a center for research on Long Island geology and a valued resource in the study of the Island's Native American archaeology.  I descended the stairs down the cliff to the beach, and while looking around for photographs, saw this purple rock!  Wow, a purple rock?  Wow!  Looking around on the wet sand and gravel a short distance from this, I found some gooey purple "stuff."  It turned out to be soft clay, of all things!

As I turned around to climb back up the stairs I saw these colors in the bottom of the cliff.  What you are looking at are, from the bottom up, layers of clay - a whitish clay, a purple clay, a dark gray clay and then the sand of the cliff above.  What an astounding sight to see these at the bottom of the cliff.  I am guessing that the Native Americans who lived here would think of these clays as an amazing thing to have at their disposal for making pottery.  Now I need to go back to Garvies Point and view the museum and read about all of this.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Catching Up III

This photograph was taken not 20 feet from the green photograph with gray branches I posted yesterday!  Amazing how quickly things change in the woods.  I am not sure what I saw first - the crossed fallen tree trunks, or the monochromatic color scheme.  As I was attracted to the green and gray in yesterday's photograph, I was immediately taken by the almost complete lack of color in this photograph.  Quite a contrast between the two photographs.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Catching Up II

Towards the end of the day while hiking and photographing in Caumsett, I walked through an area of trees to get to a pond to see if there was something I wanted to photograph.  Suddenly I looked down and saw this - a branch from a silver-colored tree lying on the ground among green flora.  The richness of the green background was in contrast to the silver branch which was bluish because it was only lit by skylight, not sunlight.  There were no decisions to make about composition, it just framed itself.  Some objects just do that. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Catching Up

There has been so much going on, like exploring some nature areas with Liz, and field trips and going to Rochester, that I have a real backlog of photographs that I have taken and not even edited yet!  This is one of those photographs - a field with native grasses lit by two shafts of sunlight late in the day at Caumsett State Park.  I love the subtlety of this scene and the photograph of it.  It was shot in color, but after quite a bit of thought, I think it is best seen in black & white.  Please click on the image to see it larger.


Monday, November 29, 2021

Expectations II

This is actually the first photograph I did when the Sun came out from under the clouds yesterday.  After walking for an hour under overcast skies, the beautiful light was just stunning.  These sycamore trees are the gift that keeps on giving.  As many times as I have photographed them, I never tire of trying to find new views.  And because of yesterday's late afternoon light, this is one of my better photographs of these trees.


Sunday, November 28, 2021


I learned another lesson in photography today.  Or, rather, learned all over, once again, not to have expectations on what you might find when you go out photographing.  I needed some good exercise after sitting in the car for 8 hours driving down from Rochester yesterday.  It was overcast today and no sun,  so I didn't expect much in terms of photographs, but I needed the exercise so off I went.  Turns out the overcast sky was a beautiful silver gray in color and I got a couple of nice shots, but near the end of my walk, after an hour and a half, the clouds moved south, the sun came out and everything changed!  I got two really nice photographs, and this is one of them.  The other I will post tomorrow.  So take your camera, go for a walk, and have no expectations.  You just never know what will be revealed to you on any given day.  This particular photograph is all about the horizontal "V" in the sky and the water!