Friday, June 16, 2017

"Experiencing Art in the Landscape"

I promised that I would show you some more of the Seward Johnson sculptures at Old Westbury Gardens.  I think there are 39 sculptures in all, but they had not all been installed when we were there.  I will have to go back and see all of them, and take some more photographs.   One interesting thing that is not obvious is that these sculptures are not just sitting on the grass.  The individual pieces are bolted to steel I-Beams, and then those are buried in the ground!  If you go back and look at my post a few days ago, of the man lying on the cart, you can see the support sticking out of his feet!  the last photograph below, is of four women, waiting in the wings to be installed.  I spotted them just outside the walled garden.


Anonymous said...

These are so amazing. How far is this from you? I think we should plan a road trip for the next time you decide to visit the gardens again.

Anonymous said...

Of course, I had to check out "maps" to see how far it is from your house to Old Westbury Gardens. The first thing I noticed were all the "red" lines - traffic is horrible today in your area! Anyway, looks like a short drive - 21 minutes. Yes, a road trip sounds perfect! The sculptures are really amazing. So many are very realistic. betsey

Anonymous said...

I checked out their website. DUH! Karen, Joan, Jan & I visited the Westbury Garden 2 years ago when we took a bus tour. Don't know why the name didn't ring a bell but the photos certainly did :-) betsey