Monday, June 12, 2017

This Guy is Having a Bad Day!

On the way out of the exhibits I was visiting, I walked past this statue, which has been here forever, I guess.  I was taken by the extreme emotion, so first I photographed the sculpture, then read about it.  Whoo boy, this guy is in trouble.  This is the satyr Marsyas who challenged the god Apollo to a musical competition.  The god triumphed and then punished his challenger by skinning him alive!  Yikes!  Now, THAT is a bad day!   


Anonymous said...

Yuck, how gruesome. I've never understood what kind of mind could come up with the various ways sadists instill torture. What is that on his shoulder? I thought it was a snake, but I looked closer and it seems to have the features of a shrunken head. Ghastly!

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