Friday, March 25, 2011

The Big Questions in Life

This is a quiz. Why do all the pigeons sit close together on the wires like this? One of the "big" questions in life for me at the moment! It is not as if they can get warmth from one another. It is not as if they get aerodynamic efficiencies by being close. Geese fly in "V" formations, by the way, because it is aerodynamically efficient for each of them - the trailing birds gain a bit more lift from the air coming off the wings of the leading birds. And that's why the leading bird doesn't lead for long - they all switch off after short periods in the lead. Back to my quiz. I think this must be from the "flock" instinct. If you know different, please let me know.


photodudeimages said...

It allows them to concentrate ordnance on a target walking below them increasing the chances of a direct hit. It's sort of their version of what the Air Force would call carpet bombing.

Ken Spencer said...

Excellent! You always have the right answer!