Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Irish Soda Bread

So here is the whole, long story... I was driving to Providence, Rhode Island today, and was planning to stop and see my sisters Joan and Betsey for lunch. So Kathy decided to bake some Irish Soda bread to give to them. Except last night I wanted something with my coffee. She said I couldn't have the bread because it was for my sisters... :-) Evenutally I convinced her to let me cut a 3/4" slice out of the center of the loaf, and then they would each get "half" a loaf and be none the wiser. So we did that. But this morning I was going to take coffee with me in the car, and just grab something to eat for a light breakfast on the road. I kept thinking about the Irish Soda Bread, but that was not mine to eat. It was for my sisters. But I kept thinking how good it was! And how good it would taste with my coffee on the road. Anyhow, here is a photo of Joan and Betsey with their half loaves of Irish Soda bread. Do you notice anything missing from each of the loaves? Yup, you got it. The tips of each loaf are missing! Ah-hah! Caught in the act! Well, no, not really. I *thought* of doing that, but bought a donut instead, and they received complete halves of bread. I just asked them to break the corners off for the photo, so I could have some fun with the blog!


Fuzzy said...

You got me! I bought it! Probably because it sounded so believable... I knew it was a temptation for you to drive all that way with bread sitting in a bag next to you. Glad you stopped at Dunkin' instead!

Anonymous said...

Best Irish Soda Bread I have ever eaten. I would have shared it with my brother, but after tasting it I am glad I did not offer up!

Anonymous said...

Looks good! Care to share the recipe? I've never made it.

Ken Spencer said...

Polly: When I get back home to NY I will send along the recipe.

Anonymous said...

How about posting it for all to enjoy?