Monday, March 7, 2011

When the Pressure is On

So when I went on my bagel run Sunday, I knew that it was going to be pouring rain all day long. That was foremost in my mind, because I knew that I needed to find a blog photograph by the end of the day. As a result of this, I was hyper vigilant during the ride in the car. I first stopped to photograph the trellis and vines. Then, thinking that it might not be good enough, my radar was working at high speed all the way home. Then I noticed the raindrops on the car windshield, so I turned the wipers off to watch larger drops form, and see how the rain drops distorted the world outside. Here was another interesting photo. Click, click, click, all the way home.

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ken schwarz said...

OK, let me see if I understand this picture.

In New York, it's against the law to talk & text on a cell phone while driving but there are no rules about setting up a mini photography studio in the front seat of a car and then click off a few shots in a blinding rain storm with the wipers turned off.

Nice shot, by the way, of wet weather along one of my favorite stretches of roadway along the eastern side Hempstead Harbor!