Thursday, July 19, 2012


So how is this for an amazing photo! Wow! I went to a meeting at this facility, which has been St. Ignatius Retreat House since 1963. This 87 room mansion was built between 1916-1920 as a summer home for Nicholas and Genevieve Brady. Upon her death in 1937, it was donated to the Jesuits. It is a stunning architectural treasure - a Tudor Elizabethan mansion which looks like a medieval castle. Just look at those stunning chimneys! When I left the building tonight, I walked to the parking lot and then turned around to see this and was blown away! Some of the lights illuminating the lawn and parking lot were not working, which gave me this dark foreground which made the photograph much more interesting.


Anonymous said...

Of course, this photo made me wildly curious about this place. Not many structures like this left on Long Island. Imagine! A "summer home" with 87 rooms! Talk about wretched excess, but then, the ridh didn't have 401K plans to invest in, so why not go for the best of the best? I always like to see the inside of these places, and the Jesuits have been thoughtful enough to post photos of some of the interior rooms on their website. For anyone else who's curious, here's the link. Click on the photos to see the expensive details that will please any student of architecture.

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