Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I was standing on the beach when I saw this child, wrapped in a colorful beach blanket, just staring out to sea. I wanted to take the photograph, but I was too far away. Here is the tricky part - I didn't want to start moving quickly toward the child, less someone think I was a creepy old man. So I decided to change lenses and use the 200mm telephoto. This took me about 40 seconds, and when the lens was on, the child had crouched down to get something, and when she stood up, the blanket was not wrapped as tightly around her and she was looking off in another direction. Oh No, I have missed the photograph. My only hope was to stand there and wait. So I waited and waited, and then finally, she gathered the towel around her tightly, and looked back out to sea. Whew! I got it!

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