Thursday, November 24, 2016

Coastal Artillery

Back in the 1980's I worked on a personal photo essay for the Sunday Magazine, called "The Ruins of War."  I had discovered shore batteries where giant guns were installed in concrete fortifications, and these guns were used to protect, for instance the entrance to Long Island Sound, out on the tip of Long Island.  I photographed these batteries in the 1980's, in spring and it was a beautiful photograph and was the cover of the magazine.  When I was flying around the other day with Russ, I flew over to where these were, and we circled around while I shot them again.  They looked completely different - the difference between Fall and Spring.  The giant guns were located in the center of the circular parts of the concrete in the foreground.  Some of these guns could shoot a projectile 25 miles!

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Anonymous said...

I remember your photo in 1980s. I prefer the spring view, it was stunning.krs