Friday, November 18, 2016

Gone Flying!

I had an astounding day today!  I went flying with my friend Russ today.  He is the photographer that I shot for a story for the newspaper some months back.  He said he wanted to have me fly with him when the weather was good.  Well, today the weather was clear, with blue sky, sunshine, and very little wind.  A perfect day!  Here he is in the front seat of his Aviat Husky aircraft (I am seated behind him)

A view out the window showing the wing, and wing strut, and the landscape of Long Island's east end.

What was really cool, is that I got to do most of the flying today!  I haven't flown a tailwheel aircraft in a number of years, so Russ did the takeoff, and then turned the plane over to me and just let me fly around, looking at the landscape.  What a thrill to fly this beautiful aircraft!

Here is one of my aerial photographs of the landscape in fall that we flew over.


ken schwarz said...

I am very happy to learn that you had an astounding day in the air yesterday. I will always remember and cherish the day you took me flying in a seaplane over Manhasset Bay and Long Island Sound - that, too, was an astounding day!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a neat airplane. Glad you had the chance to fly it! Photos are terrific. krs