Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jack-O-Lantern Car

I still have some photographs from my Flagstaff trip that I will post eventually.  I arrived on Thursday night, late, and we had most of Friday before the convention started on Friday evening.  Two friends asked what I was going to do Friday, and I had no ideas.  They said they were driving to the Grand Canyon, which one of them had never seen.  It is only an hour and a half away from Flagstaff, which surprised me.  I didn't know it was that close.  We stopped for lunch in Tusayan, just short of the Canyon to have pizza.  This car was parked outside, and I just had to take a picture of it.  I thought it was cute.  I assumed that the design was vinyl or something, that could eventually be removed.  Instead, I discovered it was spray painted on the hood!  And the masking was not well done - paint had ended up under the masking tape!  So it's there for good!


Dean said...

You ate at "We Cook" Pizza!? It is the official gathering spot of the Grand Canyon Star Party, and they give us astronomers the "local resident" 15% discount if we are wearing our "Grand Canyon Star Party" attire! The "bacon cheeseburger" pizza is to die for! So do you have Canyon pictures to show too, or didn't you see anything special there??!! -Dean

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that someone would paint this on the car permanently. Cute for Halloween, but I would want to pull it off after the season.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you hid the lede! You got to go to the Grand Canyon? It's just one of this country's take-your-breath-away places to visit. Never gets old, no matter how often you see it. Hope you post some pix from there!

Ken Spencer said...

Dean: Are you kidding me! Can't believe that! I forgot what kind of pizza we had - something not too standard, ordered by the guys I was with.

Yes, I hid the lede! :-) More pictures to come, tonight!