Monday, November 7, 2016

This Magnificent Tree!

Every Fall I  wait for our Hickory tree out front, to change color.  This change is a bellwether of how the temperatures will be after the color change.  When I am painting the house, I have to stop when the temperatures are no longer above 50 degrees.  The color change of the tree signals that change.  But besides all that, when the Hickory turns yellow, it is simply spectacular!  It is a joy to behold, and the upstairs front rooms, are bathed in a golden light!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Long Island was slow to color this year, but our patience has been rewarded with stunningly vibrant autumn hues that make this season one to look forward to every year. The yellow leaves are standouts; beacons among flame red and orange masses. Yet there are people in some regions of this country that never see changing leaves - one of nature's greatest gifts, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I never tire of the changing seasons but fall is my favorite because of the spectacular colors! I like how you explain the change of color with the change of temperature. bsk