Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Morning at Dunkin'

Tuesday mornings are Dunkin' mornings.  Coffee, tea, and a donut for each.  I was standing in line when I happened to notice this tattoo on the back of this man's neck.  I decided to take a photograph, discreetly, of course.  I also decided not to ask him about it!  Can you guess why?  I am really curious, of course, why this tattoo, and why in this place.  Just another morning at Dunkin'.


Anonymous said...

Used to be tattoos were something to stare out, so rare they were in the "normal" world of everyday people. Things change, and they've become so commonplace they don't cause the stir they once did. Millennials especially are fond of them, but I've seen them on many boomers, too. Of course, there are the fanatics who have "body art" covering their entire arms (called sleeves) or legs, both, or their whole body. I think it must be painful but I find the more creative ones fascinating. So, as an older person, I've become immune to seeing them. It's the body piercings that still make me shiver.

Dean said...

Seems there is no accounting for taste, and I cringe at some of the really ugly "ink" you see in plain sight. Even up at the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago where you tend to leave the "trailer trash" and their ilk behind, there were some really bad tattoos from international visitors - up a lot from even a couple years ago. I feel sorry for the toddlers and young kids that a mother drags around the grocery store, nearly every inch of her exposed skin covered. You can imagine she spends more on tattoos than on healthy food for her kids... -Dean