Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Getty Center

The Getty Center, the shining white museum on the hill in Los Angeles is one of my favorite museums of all time. I went back there again today, to see an exhibit of Irving Penn photographs, and some of the other exhibits. The thing about the Getty is, that the architecture is so stunning that you don't know whether or not to stay in the galleries, or come outside to look at the building! I took a lot of photographs of the center, but when I was leaving it was almost dark, and this was the first time I have seen the buildings at night. So I took this photograph in the main courtyard while leaving the building. I think it does a nice job of showing what an amazing place this is. Isn't this just magical!

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Anonymous said...

It is magical. Absolutely beautiful. I remember you posting a picture from your last trip and I think all we saw was a walkway & railing.