Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's Christmas Eve, and today I had to make my Gingerbread cookies for the family cookie exchange in Connecticut tomorrow. Each member of the family makes one kind of cookie to share with everyone else. My specialty is gingerbread. I use the recipe that my mom gave me many years ago, and I made my own cookie cutter. These are sort of gingerbread women. I forgot how I came up with the design, but the shape ends up looking like a Dutch girl with a skirt, I think. All I can say is that it makes efficient use of the rolled out dough! I must say this is seriously good gingerbread, with lots of ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon!


Anonymous said...

Would love it if you shared your mom's recipe here! We could all use some good gingerbread cookies in our lives! Merry Christmas to all. May all your cookies be gingerbread.

Anonymous said...

You are good! Posting the recipe would be most appreciated.

Hope your Christmas was Merry and that the cookie exchange went well.

Anonymous said...

Your cookies are delicious! Too full on Christmas Day to try one but am enjoying one now.