Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunlight & Shadows at the Getty

One of the photographic exhibits at the Getty Center was a collection of black & white photographs that made use of strong light and shadows. It's funny about getting immersed in a large photographic exhibit - I find that when I leave, I end up seeing the world in a new way as a result of the photographs that I saw. That was the case here, and I found myself looking for shadows as the subject of a photograph. So while looking at the late afternoon sun shining through this tree on the plaza, I became aware of the shadows of people going up and down the stairs. So I sat there and kept taking photographs as the people moved up and down the stairs, and then chose this one as the most interesting.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The background is so soft and the color of the tree and clothing make it pop.

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you for taking all the time you do all year long, to post comments on the photographs! You're the best!