Saturday, April 2, 2016

Kitty Parts

This picture came about in a funny way.   This is Bebe, the oldest cat and she was sleeping curled up in my chair.  I know that if you get close enough to a sleeping cat, they will sense, through their ears, that something has changed in the acoustics of the room, even without a sound being made and they will wake up.  I wanted to see how close I could get.  When I was about 8 inches over her ear she still hadn't moved, and I became fascinated with her ear, so I withdrew and got my Nikon with close up lens.   She didn't wake up, even when I started taking photos.  What you are seeing here is her ear, and part of her face near her eye, covered with a paw.  Cats sleep with a paw over their eye a lot.  Then one of her rear paws, with claws showing, and to the right, her nearly black tail.  I guess I am in my abstract phase.  Please click on the photo to see a lot more detail.


Photodude Images said...

She has hair inside her ear. I guess it's not just humans that develop that as they get old.

Ken Spencer said...

Dude! I don't have hair in my ear, so that means I am not old.

james brownn said...

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james brownn said...

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