Tuesday, April 19, 2016

On Dog Bite Lane

I have a few checkpoints all along my bike route where I look at my times and write them down to see how I am doing.  I came up the hill on Dog Bite Lane - well, actually, it is called Spruce Street but it is the road where the dog bit me, so I have changed its name!  At the top of the hill I stop and write down some of my times.  Today while stopped, I looked at this tree, and realized how beautiful it is.  It's nice that there is another tree in the background that adds to the composition.


Anonymous said...

Nature makes the most interesting and beautiful things that you capture exquisitely. If I were a child and could amuse myself by this tree everyday, I'd pretend it was a rugged, wrinkled limb of my giant pet elephant. We would have adventures all over the world together, but my trusted friend would always get me home in time for dinner. Just me and my elephant. And I'd never be lonely again.

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Because the light was wrong, I didn't include in my photograph the amazing roots of this tree. I promise to go back and photograph the roots, and you will be amazed! It will make you think that the tree IS an elephant!

Anonymous said...

When i first looked at this photo, I thought of elephant legs, feet. So i really like what "Anonymous" wrote. Brilliant imagination! bsk