Friday, August 5, 2016

A Small Request

I received the following request from my friend Dean in Tucson:  "How 'bout showing some actual pictures of the star party or telescopes this year?  You always find interesting things on the way, but some of us would find the reason you are there interesting!"  He's right!  I don't think I ever show photographs of the telescope maker's conference!  So I will do that this year.  This is Ryan from down below Richmond, VA, and he is a professional telescope maker.  I spotted this beauty from 100 feet away!  Because of the single aluminum ring that acts as the cage - the "cage" holds the secondary mirror and the focuser for the eyepiece.  What's brilliant about this design is the low mirror box with the oversized bearings.  This is what I am planning to do when I get working on my 18" f/4.3 telescope.  Seeing Ryan's handiwork has inspired me to get back to my project!  That is the power of Stellafane!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dean for your request. 27 years of attending Stellafane, it is amazing to see some of the very different telescopes.

Dean said...

Ken- Is that the Schupmann dome in the background? I read so much about Stellafane, but have only been there once - a generation ago before the Schupmann project was built. -Dean

Ken Spencer said...

The Schupmann is in a roll off roof observatory, which is blocked by the dome in the foreground. I wonder if I have a photo of the Schupmann building... duh!