Thursday, August 4, 2016

Black-eyed Susans

Busy day today.  I was at the Hartness House Workshop, for a conference called "Sub-Arc-Second Spatial Resolution Imaging."  You all would have loved it!  The speakers were first rate and there was a great turn out.  Then we had dinner and the keynote address by someone from the U.S. Naval Observatory, and then I drove up to Breezy Hill where the convention is and where everyone set up their telescopes.  It was a nice clear night and I hated to drag myself away, but I have to get up in time for breakfast tomorrow, or starve...   :-)   So in the interest of expediency, I am posting another favorite photograph from yesterday.  This one is also from the Vermont Welcome Center.  I promise to post some photos from the convention in the next few days.  In the morning I head off to Mass MoCA, so I will be tempted to post something from that trip!  And, hey, this is not a bad photo!  I forgot to mention that I was interviewed by a local paper which is doing a story on Stellafane.  You can find the interview online, here:


Anonymous said...

Yes, lovely photo of the Black-eyed Susans, but hey! Let's talk about the video featuring you, mostly. Nice job, and did you notice that your segment seems to be the only one where the sound is working properly? I wasn't going to watch the film but I did a quick scan, spotted the blur of a white shirt and said to myself, "That must be Ken Spencer." sure enough it was Spencer in his summer uniform. There's nothing like someone who is consistent.

Anonymous said...

Fun to watch the video with you in it and so much information from the other speakers as well. Thought it was great that one man has been going for 47 years and brought his grandchild this year. 1000 people attending is awesome!

Oh, is this your summer uniform or your only uniform (other than bike jersey)?


Anonymous said...

You were terrific in the interview! The interviews and article were very informative. Nice to be educated about Stellafane after all these years. What a wonderful convention. Thanks.krs