Thursday, August 18, 2016


Five members of our astronomy club drove out to Holbrook for a Moon watch at the library.  It was a children's library and a whole bunch of people showed up.  We set up our telescopes and looked at Saturn, and Mars, and then when the full moon rose, we explored that. The children were wonderful, and they were amazed that they could see the "real" Saturn and Mars.  It is one of the most rewarding  things I do, to let people see the Moon and the planets in a telescope, for the very first time, in many cases. 


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that some of the members volunteer their time to do this :-) bsk

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you and your group for volunteering and sharing your equipment and knowledge of the universe. I was having dinner outside last night at a restaurant just over the Devon bridge on the river when the moon started to rise. Spectacular!

Ken Spencer said...

It is pretty rewarding stuff! You should see some of the kid's faces after they look through the telescopes!