Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ghosts of Farmers Past

I stopped at the Vermont Welcome Center, which is right after you cross over the line between Massachusetts and Vermont.  Every year I come up with at least one photograph here, on the grounds surrounding the visitor's center.  I think I have seen these old farm implements before, but I don't remember that they had mowed around them, and mowed pathways so that you could get up close to them.  These are wonderful old rusted examples of early farm equipment.  I am almost positive that I remember seeing my grandfather Spencer on one of these hay rakes, pulled by a team of two horses as he raked up hay that had been cut and left to dry.  Seeing them all around the grounds got me thinking of all the farmers who used this equipment in the years before it ended up here. One of the lessons here is how many ways you can photograph a single object.  The middle image is only included because it is so abstract.  So which is your favorite? 


Anonymous said...

I like the 3rd one, which I initially thought would be the first. Love the old equipment.

Anonymous said...

Having a difficult decision - I like the 3rd for the variety of farm equipment, the boy running...But I also like the middle for the close-up view. Aaaahhh! bsk

Anonymous said...

I like the first one with its sense of openness, work to be done, yet peaceful.
I remember Grandpa riding one like this pulled by the horses. I also like the second one with its abstract feeling. krs

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you all for your votes. I still find each one interesting, and maybe I like the third one best, but each one has its own qualities to like.