Thursday, August 11, 2016


How's this for a photograph!  I was on the way home from picking up dinner - don't tell anyone but it was Colonel Sanders tonight!  There had been thunder around all afternoon but it wasn't until I was driving along the harbor that I saw this.  It is unusual to see a thunderstorm from the side - usually it is a squall line moving through.  The thing that first caught my eye, other than the dark clouds overhead, was the rain core - the medium gray shapes streaming toward the ground.  I don't remember seeing that before.  Thunderstorms are powerful and dangerous, and so incredible beautiful.


Anonymous said...

These rain cores are occurring more and more frequently. People in one area get rain, others 2 miles away get none. Same thing with snow. Whatever is happening, I don't like it. Right now, we're having some of the worst weather we've ever had. Unbearable to be outside.

Anonymous said...

Glad you caught this photo just in time - powerful! The storm that surrounded me lasted for 2 1/2 hours - lots of thunder and lightning and intermittent rain. Crazy! It was such a slow moving storm - started north of me then moved south and east - weird! Glad I was inside :-) bsk