Friday, April 21, 2017

Drone Week, Part 3

At last, the secret of my trip can be revealed!  I am at a three day conference at Syracuse University called The Drone Journalism Workshop!  It is put on by a coalition of journalism organizations.  There are about 80 of us, from all over the country, and everyone from students, to photographers, filmmakers and editors at some of the major news organizations.  And the presentations and the presenters are just stunning!  They warned us - "It is going to be like trying to drink water from a fire hose!"  Subjects included FAA regulations, and ethics, and proper operating procedures, and airspace and weather.  And we had a presentation from a Google representative who explained all the cool things you can do with Google maps and other Google applications.  This was day one and it was astounding.  Tomorrow more classroom work, and THEN...  Off to the field house and we get to fly drones!

These people are working on an airspace quiz about what class of airspace surrounds a theoretical target down in Atlanta, Georgia.


Anonymous said...

very interesting indeed

Anonymous said...

Wow,a packed house! krs