Saturday, April 22, 2017

Drone Week, Part 4

I got to fly the drones today!  After nearly a whole day of classroom work, we headed over to the Manley Field House at 4 PM and learned to fly drones!  We had to fly indoors because most of the campus of Syracuse University is underneath the controlled airspace for Hancock International Airport.  But the field house is really large, and so we had no problems with six drones flying at once!    In the photo above, Al Tompkins, the seminar director and a member of the senior faculty at the Poynter Institute gives me some hands-on help with the controller.  (Photo by Jane Tyska, of Oakland, California, one of the participants in the program)

This photo shows one of the six groups of participants on the flight line, with the man in the center flying the drone as the rest of us watch.  Get this, the photo of all of us was taken by the camera in the drone!


Anonymous said...

Serious concentration. Love that the drone took your group photo.

Anonymous said...

This must have so exciting - especially after all the classroom work. betsey

Anonymous said...

Love your group photo! Nice to see you in photos for a change.krs