Friday, April 28, 2017

Red Snapper

We were at the grocery store just before dinner, and while Kathy was looking at the shrimp,  I was paying attention to the whole fish on ice.  These bright Red Snapper jumped out at me, because all the other fish are gray, and the way they are arranged made an interesting pattern.  The only fish I know how to cook is Salmon, and mostly I grill it, but you have seen the results of my baked Mediterranean Salmon.  This fish was so good looking that I have decided I have to buy one, after I have found a recipe for it, of course.


Anonymous said...

interestingly, they all seem to have different facial expressions too

Anonymous said...

I have never cooked Red Snapper but this photo makes me want to try. Their color is beautiful! betsey

Ken Spencer said...

Betsey: When you find a recipe that looks good to you, please send it along!