Thursday, April 6, 2017

Flooded Cornfield

So yesterday's landscape photos were a bit bleak, and maybe even creepy, so here is a more beautiful landscape.  I was headed down a back road on the way to a meeting, and saw the long shadows from the setting sun on the grass first.   I thought of stopping and then the flooded field flashed by and I jammed on the brakes!  We had rain for several days and then today we had some thunderstorms come through with heavy rain, that flooded this cornfield.  It was the reflection of the white fence that really grabbed me.  I like that this is both beautiful and unusual.


ken schwarz said...

A very nice effect with reflections in the flooded cornfield. But what caught my eye was the white fence. I have seen a lot of cornfields across this great country of ours but I have never seen a cornfield bordered by mowed grass and a perfect white fence! This scene looks much more like a pasture for grazing thoroughbred horses.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting photo! The reflections are so perfect. Love the fence as the outline. So glad you stopped to take this one :-) betsey