Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Ovid Farmhouse

I have lost track of how often I have photographed this farmhouse.  If you want to have some fun, go to the upper left hand corner of the blog page, and there is a search function.  Put "Ovid" in the window and click the magnifying glass.  On the way home from Rochester we passed this place once again and I stopped.  The house looks worse every time we see it.  This time I was attracted by the open door.  The front door has always been closed, and I thought that I would go inside if I could.

This is the first room I photographed.  I love all that is going on, with the walls going from having wallpaper to spots with no plaster on the lath.  I do like the soft light in the room which reveals so much detail.  I didn't feel I had much time here, because we were still at the beginning of an eight hour drive, so I worked quickly.  I was working intuitively, and didn't spend more than a few seconds composing each photograph.  I probably did all these pictures in less than ten minutes.  Under other conditions I could have spent a couple of hours, and I would have explored more of the house.

The house is in much worse condition than it appears from the street.  Looking up the stairs to the second floor you can see that the roof is mostly gone.  I wasn't ready to see if the stairs were safe to climb.

Another interior room in even worse condition.  I have no idea why the tires are stored indoors.  The lath is coming down from the ceiling.

I thought I would include an overall shot.  If you compare this photograph to earlier images (if you do the search) you probably won't see much difference.  I thought I would include this for newer readers who may not have seen this site before


Anonymous said...

Was Kathy sitting in the car holding her breath as you explored this rundown house. Happy you had sense not to climb the stairs.
Great photos, but...

Ken Spencer said...

Kathy had a piece of long rope tied around her waist, and it was tied to my waist. If the house collapsed, she would just pull me out... :-) . Or not... :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad you did not attempt the stairs. betsey

Anonymous said...

Interesting yet sad. Like the overall shot. Kathy is strong. She would have saved you! krs