Monday, April 24, 2017

The End of Drone Week

OK, last post for "Drone Week."  I just wanted to finish up with a few things.  In the photo above, the director of the seminar is photographing a "mini drone."  These things are amazing, and you can fly them around indoors, AND they are shooting video as well.  Just unbelievable technology!

THIS guy is the man!  His name is Matt, and he did the largest amount of teaching over the three days.  He really knows his stuff, and has an incredible amount of energy, and has a wonderful sense of humor.  After coaching us several times on the answer to one of the questions he said: "If you get this question wrong, I will take your graduation certificate and set fire to it to punish you!"  Hysterical stuff that made the learning so much more enjoyable.

There were some unexpected pleasures during the three days of our seminar.  The woman touching the drone is a chemistry professor at Syracuse University, and she is working with three students on a project to sample water quality by using a drone.  The students have built the drone, and are doing the coding for the sampling and the navigation software!  It was inspiring to see the brilliance of all of them working on this project!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that drone will do water sample project! I thought they were just for photographing.

Ken Spencer said...

Joan: The key here is having the sampling be completely automated. They are quite a way from the drone being able to do that at this point. But this drone did have water sampling equipment built in to it, and they are still working on programming for control and navigation. These kids are so bright it will only be a matter of time!

Anonymous said...

Technology is amazing! Seeing these brilliant students makes it real. On vacation we were having dinner outside on the second floor of a hotel. A very large drone hovered very close to us as we overlooked the water. Uneasy feeling.krs