Sunday, November 25, 2018

Condo Construction Site

Vince wanted to go out and look at a construction site nearby, where they are building a whole bunch of condos.  I am always up for seeing how things are built so I went along for the ride.  This photo shows a section of the project where some finished buildings are and where some people are already living.  They are nicely designed buildings, and I love the two tone gray colors and the stone face on each of the buildings.

We went further into the project, and came to where they are still doing work with filling and grading in preparation for more buildings.  I am not sure what the purpose of this giant roller is, with the huge metal fingers sticking out, but it is a serious piece of equipment.

Nearby, the construction of some more buildings is just getting underway.  The foundation and basements are in, and they have put in the first floor, and are now starting the framing.  I think it is a little kid thing, that people like me are fascinated by construction!


ken schwarz said...

I can help you out with the middle picture. The machine is called a Sheep Foot (Compactor) roller. Where land has been cleared of trees and their stumps, the soil is very loose. After grading, this machine will compact the soil so that foundations, driveways and roads won't crack.

Ken Spencer said...

Primo! Oh man, you are the MAN! I wondered how I would even begin to search for that at Google! How did you find out about this device?