Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Tympanum

 I have passed the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian church so many times.  As we headed down Fifth Avenue, I happened to look up the stairs at the entrance and saw this painting on the tympanum.  Yeah, I hadn't heard that term before, so I looked it up.  "In architecture, a tympanum is the semi-circular or triangular decorative wall surface over an entrance, door or window, which is bounded by a lintel and arch. It often contains sculpture or other imagery or ornaments."  That's why you come to my blog, right, so that you can learn new things.  This is really beautiful.  How is it that I had never seen this before?


Anonymous said...

Learn something new everyday. Thank you for the lessons shared.

Ken Spencer said...

Hi Joan: You're welcome. So much stuff in the world to find out about, so little time! :-)

Anonymous said...

I always learn new things from your blog. How can one person possibly see everything around them in NYC? But I am glad you do see new things...betsey