Friday, August 30, 2019

The Demolition

This is the site where a savings bank has been for a long time.  Not sure it was here when I first moved here, but a long time.  They put up some small amount of structural steel, next to the building, and then, wonder of wonders, just demolished the building!  I guess they will have some kind of drive in to replace the entire bank.  So this is the wide angle view.  Now for the close up...

You can see this in the center of the photograph above.  It is the bank vault!  And it is BUILT!  the whole building has come down, and this is left.  I bet the walls of the vault are at least 18 inches thick!  So they have saved this for last.  I wanted to drive by yesterday to see how it was coming, but we were in a classroom all day doing the AAA "Driver Improvement Program" some distance away.  When we came by, this was gone.  I will try to go back over there, and see if there are any remnants that will have clues to how difficult the demolition was.

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