Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clouds in the Ceiling

I went to the "computer" store today for some training in an application. I can't say the name of the store. But it is the name of the fruit that Isaac Newton saw fall from a tree. I can't mention the name, because when I quickly took out my toy camera to shoot this, one of the employees said that pictures were not allowed in the store. So I don't want their trademark bot looking for mention of their name, followed by a letter from their lawyers! I just thought it a bit incongruous to look up and see clouds through the skylight in the ceiling. I loved the effect, and thought it was an interesting abstraction.


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. I can see how you would be drawn to it and want to share it. Stay out of trouble.:-)


Anonymous said...

amazing photos.
if you want FRUIT people not to chase you, you need to change the name of the picture.
I actually found you by Google, because of this picture. I was looking for cool ceiling design for my store, lol.

I am adding your blog to my favorites, I love your photography.
Maybe the fruit store wasn't that bad after all, lol.

Waiting form more pictures
ewa from dubai