Monday, February 8, 2010

Kitty Watching Me Paint

The kitties are so funny - if anything new is going on, they want to be right there. I used to think that these cats were "scaredy-cats," but at least one of them is very curious. Sometimes she will aproach, and then back away, then approach again, if I am doing something different. Here I am painting the trim on the stairs, and she was going to come downstairs, but rather than pass me on the stairs, she sat there watching me paint for quite a while. I liked the point of view of this shot - how often do we get to look UP at a cat?

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ken schwarz said...

I am quite certain the quality of workmanship is up to your usual high standards; however, Kitty is obviously not totally on board with the stairway project. Did you pick the wrong color? Did you use a satin finish instead of semi-gloss paint for the trim? Hopefully, when the painting work is complete, Kitty will come to appreciate a job well done!