Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not On Drugs

Wow, I was getting desperate tonight. Had an event down at church, and brought my camera in but couldn't find a photo at the event. Coming out of the parking lot, I had to stop at a red light, and photographed the light, and the church steeple through the windshield. Not a winner. On the way home while holding the camera, it went off by accident. It was pointed at the dashboard! I happened to look at it, and saw the blurry pattern, and thought: "Hey, this might amount to something." So I drove along, NOT LOOKING at the camera, but I just kept pointing it in the general direction of the dash board while pushing on the shutter and waving the camera around. This is one of my favorites. No drugs involved!


Anonymous said...

What a great way of making something out of nothing and being able to see that and to continue the experiment. What a saturation of color from something so mundane.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Love, love, love this. Movement and color pops and varying depths. This is something I'd hang on my wall. An absolute winner. Nice job.

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you both for your nice comments. This shows how creative I can be when I am desperate! :-)

Anonymous said...

Like WOW man! Are you sure you ain't on drugs, man?
I really like this picture - very different. bsk