Thursday, September 12, 2013

Airplane Jumble

I boarded a flight from LaGuardia to Milwaukee, and at noon we pushed back from the gate.  We taxied to the end of a long line of aircraft waiting to take off.  The pilot made an announcement that we were number 22 for departure!  Seems there were a couple of thunderstorms west of LaGuardia and when they got close, they shut down arrivals and departures.  For half an hour.  Then the thunderstorms passed by, and the line started to move again.  Originally our flight was due to leave at 12:30 PM and arrive in Milwaukee at 2:30 PM.  We finally took off at 2:30 PM from LaGuardia!  So we sat on the ground for as long as the flight would have been!  Yikes!  Nothing anyone could do - it is all about the weather and safety.


Anonymous said...

2 hours on the runway. yikes. i think i would've taken a photo of the people on board because if any of them were like me, we could see people pulling their hair out and looking frantic. there's nothing you can do once your trapped in the plane. it's easy to understand how animals must feel when they're trapped.

Ron said...

I hope your luggage made it!