Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Wasteland

I was glued to the window after departing Los Angeles on the flight home today.  I never know what I will see out of the window, so I scan the landscape as we climb to altitude.  I found a couple of things of interest today and this may be the better one.  It is a photograph of the desert landscape northeast of Barstow, California.  You can see railroad tracks going through the bottom of the photograph. But the most interesting patterns are the flow patterns of water, now long gone, over the landscape.  They look like tentacles reaching out.  It is a desolate landscape, but incredibly beautiful in its own way.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool!!! I always prefer a window seat on flights and take tons of pictures of the sights outside my window. There is something so amazing to me about seeing those sights.
Thank you for sharing these.