Friday, September 27, 2013

Sunset, Venice Pier

We were headed to a restaurant on Washington Boulevard, and we parked in the beach parking lot at the Venice Pier.  The interesting thing was that this is the scene we saw when we got out of the car, but, it was darker than this, and the color was not this vivid.  So I made a number of exposures by bracing my toy camera up against a tree and the time exposures I made revealed more color and more brightness.  The one thing that the photo doesn't reveal to us is the wonderful aroma of the salt air in the onshore breeze. Oh, and the bright dot in the sky is the planet Venus.


Dean said...

Hey Ken - And I assume planet Saturn faintly seen below... -Dean

Ken Spencer said...

Saturn it is! Yikes, how could I forget? There was enough stray light that I didn't notice Saturn when I took the photograph. I just opened the full resolution photograph, and there Saturn was! Thanks.