Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remember Floppy Disks?

When was the last time you saw one of these?  The Floppy Disk.  I found a box of these the other day, and realized I hadn't needed to use one of these in a long time.  The last two ThinkPads that I owned had external Floppy Disk drives that came with them.  The next to last Windows tower computer that I built had a floppy drive, but the newest tower does not, and the new ThinkPad does not.  I decided that it was time to toss a bunch of these.  What is interesting is that I have the original floppy disks for Photoshop 2.0!  I will keep those for a while, as historic.


Anonymous said...

Why would you keep them for historic reasons? You will never be able to retrieve the information on them. I vote for tossing all of them! :-)

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Joan is wrong.


Ken Spencer said...

Joan: Well, even if I can't retrieve the information, when I look at them, my history in computing comes back to me. I will frame one and give it to you for Christmas! :-)

Dean said...

Hey Ken-

I've got a whopping 16MB CF card I can sell you! If I'm careful what I shoot, I can almost take 4 pictures with my 20D on it!

Anonymous said...

I think technically those aren't "floppy" disks -- weren't the floppy disks the even bigger and flatter and floppier one? But yes, these are OLD! I am all for tossing them out, but I DO agree you can save one or two for historic purposes. Plus, I love seeing your handwriting on there! It's very Dad. :) -Amy

Photodude Images said...

I notice one with an "X" on it. It must be sad to say goodbye to your favorite porn.