Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Portrait Sitting

We went to Venice Beach yesterday just to lie in the sun for a bit, take naps, and then walk around.  I love photographing at the beach - it feels as if I could shoot a billion blog photos in a couple of hours there.  Well, maybe not a billion.  But I did find some interesting things.  The fellow on the right apparently wanted portraits of himself.  Perhaps he is an actor and needs headshots.  The first shot they did was under the Venice pier, and in the first setup the subject was backlit.  It didn't look like a great portrait setup.  Then they did this shot.  I was dying to go over and ask what they were doing, and if I could see some of the images, but I decided not to bother them.  Bur I sure am curious if any of the portraits were interesting.  I love the light on this image, and I find it fascinating how the subject and the photographer are standing.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot! I cannot believe you did not go over and talk with them. So unlike you!

Anonymous said...

I had the same thought! bsk

Anonymous said...

Me too. I think they might have appreciated some professional insight.