Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hands On

The hope was, going to Wisconsin, that I would get to see the famous Yerkes refractor, and have a fair amount of time to photograph it.  There was all of that, and then the icing on the cake.  The astronomer who was our host raised the floor of the observatory, and pointed the telescope down so we could see the famous lens in the front.  It was an amazing experience to see this glass close up.  Then he pointed the telescope up, and released the clutches and told us we could try and move it.  It is really well balanced, and REALLY heavy.  But if I put all of my weight into it, I could start to get it moving.  What an amazing experience for such a famous telescope.


Photodude Images said...

I wonder what Freud would have speculated about the men who built these huge long objects?

Anonymous said...

So excited for you to get the chance to participate in all things "telescopic". What a concept - raising the floor!! Glad you had such a wonderful time. bsk