Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Ivy Doesn't Quit

I told you several weeks ago that the garage ivy was coming up the side of the garage and beginning to cover the windows.  I took a photo and said that it was time to remove the ivy.  Guess what?  I haven't done that yet.  I noticed that now the ivy has come around the corner and is climbing up the front of the garage.  So I photographed it, and now I promise to rip it all off.  It is not good for the paint.


Anonymous said...

It's not good for anything else, either, as far as I'm concerned. Ivy is invasive and impossible to get rid of.It chokes the trees and makes them weak. Some people liked to have their homes covered in ivy and I wonder if they have any idea how many insects all the leaves and vines draw - a perfect place for nests of all kinds. Even if you choose not tohave it in your yard, if your neighbors plant it in their yard, it will soon creep into your yard and makes more work for someone like me who has been unable to get rid of it no matter how much yanking, pulling and Roundup I use.

Anonymous said...

And yet, in this photo, it's beautiful. :) -Amy