Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I walked by the Hosta again today on the way to the car.  The colors were more brilliant because of the gentle rain falling, and so I grabbed my camera to try the shot again.  I think this is the kind of stronger graphic sense that I was looking for yesterday.  Sorry for boring you silly with my struggles to make a photograph that I am happy with of this garden detail. 


Dean said...

Hi Ken-

It's just me, but I'd even go closer - another factor of two to bring out the individual drops on the leaf at far right, with the curves of the veins and leaf outlines featured as well. But I like it! -Dean

Anonymous said...

Much better photo than yesterday.
Joan :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't be sorry - I like this shot better. Better color. More focus. Think I'll use this for my desktop :-) bsk