Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Crescent Moon

I drove to the beach late in the afternoon, but arrived just after the sun had set!  Arghhhhhhhhh.  That was stupid to not have planned better, and I figured that I had missed everything.  But it was amazing to stand on the beach and look out at the Pacific ocean, and have a flat horizon for as far as the eye could see.  It gave me this sublime feeling of being able to see to the end of the earth.  I stood for an hour, just watching the changing afterglow in the sky.  The colors were so pure and so brilliant.  I wasn't the only one watching. There were people behind me seated on the beach, and this group in front of me that was taking photographs of themselves and the sunset.  What made it all magical was the very thin crescent moon above it all.


Anonymous said...

Stunning colors! I cannot believe how many straight horizontal lines show in the photo. Looks as if someone painted a picture and didn't know how to blend the colors...bsk

Dean said...

Hi Ken-

Nice shot! My only comment was that Venus likely popped out a few minutes later. Looked great from Tucson, but was caught out w/out my camera!

Ken Spencer said...

Hi Dean:

Venus is there! But this is only a 1000 px image. I will send you the original.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photo-I love the way you captured the waves coming into shore. Trace

Anonymous said...

Stunning colors!