Sunday, December 14, 2014


We had our astronomy club holiday dinner last night, and for a change of pace, instead of eating at a conventional restaurant, we ate at a fondue restaurant.  Fondue?  Are you serious?  Man, that is so 1960's!  Who remembers fondue?  We had two pots around here somewhere, but I think they got tossed 30 years ago!  So it was interesting, and it took a long time to eat.  We started with cheese fondue and bread, the original concept.  Then there was a bowl of delicious hot broth and we had vegetables cooked in that, and then we cooked chicken and shrimp and filet mignon and teriaki beef in the broth as well.  Then they brought the chocolate fondue, put some liquor on the top and lit it. We dipped strawberries in that.  Everyone including me photographed it, and I had my blog post!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun and very different. I got rid of my 40 year old fondue pot when I moved in May. It sat in the basement for 30 years so I decided not to move it. :-) I have never heard of a fondue restaurant - don't think I would find one in CT

Anonymous said...

Herm had no patience with fondue. One time when I had fondue for guests, Herm just dumped a bunch of beef hunks into the hot oil, let them cook, then stabbed them with the fondue fork to retrieve them.