Wednesday, September 14, 2016

At The Bread Store

There is a new bread store in Venice, California, and we made another trip there for bread for breakfast one day.  We bought a killer Sourdough loaf, and an amazing Pumpernickel loaf.  And, get this, I was so anxious to EAT the bread, that when we got home, I forgot to PHOTOGRAPH either of the loaves!  Duh!  So here, sitting on the steps of the bakery are Sarah, and Amy, and Liz, and on the left "Toby" and in the center "Wesley."  Three beautiful women, and two loaves of bread in white bags!

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing these smiling faces and the "pups". Cute photo! As long as you all enjoyed the bread, we don't have to see what it looks like...bsk