Saturday, September 10, 2016


So this is Buster.  He is a feral cat who lived with a whole bunch of other feral cats on the property of an abandoned house next to Amy and Gus.  Before the house was demolished, volunteers came to the property and trapped all the cats to rescue them.  All except Buster, who had been visiting Amy and Gus' yard for about five years.  So they had to formally adopt Buster, in order to keep him, a requirement of the City of Los Angeles.  Anyhow, Buster was friendly with Amy and Gus' cat Tarzan and little by little, Buster would let Amy approach him, and he would even come in the house for short periods of time.  So Buster has come a long way, and is a very lucky cat!

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Anonymous said...

In the top photo, Buster looks wary. But in the 2nd photo he looks quite comfy with Amy giving him kisses and petting him. Quite remarkable for a feral cat. He "wants" to be taken care of...bsk