Friday, September 16, 2016

"Why Bother?"

This painting on a building on Lincoln Avenue in Venice is hard to miss.  I had to walk over and photograph it. of course,  But then the question is: "What does it mean?" and I am at a loss.  I am open to any and all interpretations from all of you out there.  I am left with one feeling, and that is that a painting like this could only exist in California!


Dean said...

Looking up Jules Muck on the Google, she is an evidently well known graffiti and mural artist who ended up in CA. Most of her artwork listed there shows some irony, so suspect the juxtaposition of beautiful bodies with the bony skulls - how we will all eventually end up, one might think "why bother"... One thought, anyway!


Ken Spencer said...

Dean: Once again, you are the MAN! You are SO observant! I never saw the artist's credit on the building! And I think your take on this is right on! I think you got it! Thanks!