Sunday, September 25, 2016

Leftovers in the Trunk

So we went to this restaurant in Santa Monica.  They served huge portions and *some* of us couldn't eat all of their dinner.  So some of us left with doggie bags.  When we got to the parking garage we decided to put the leftovers in the trunk.  Then for some reason, both Amy and Liz decided to photograph the three styrofoam containers side by side!  I thought this was funny, so of course I had to photograph them photographing.  And, no, I have no idea what they did with their photos!


Dean said...

What the heck! I have NEVER seen a trunk this clean and empty, even on a new car or rental. What's the deal with that?! -Dean

Ken Spencer said...

Hi Dean:
Wow, our cars always come that clean. We rent from Enterprise, and perhaps we pay more than at some of the other budget rental places. But the cars are always there, and checkin goes fast. Never had a problem with them.

Anonymous said...

enterprise is seriously the best auto rental around if you ask for a very clean car you get one! otherwise you get just a clean car ha